Overvis Cloud Platform

Industrial equipment control through Internet

Dispatchingthrough Internet

Overvis Cloud is a program platform for the industrial equipment remote control through the web-browser. System installation on site allow to monitor equipment operation parameters constantly for the online decision-making.

It is designed to solve the current problems of the engineers and managers of the companies of any size.

The owner of the pump or boiler in the country can now control it using his smartphone and receiving failure SMS notifications. Major plant receives novel at price and operating process integration simplicity full CPCS.

Remote control
No need to visit the remote objects. They can be controlled from the office.
Distributed monitoring
A range of the objects in different parts of the city or country is not a problem any more.
SMS emergency notifications
Network voltage is lost... Engineer receives notification and the manager knows, who is dealing with the situation.
Logic control
The boiler temperature is lower than defined – heating is switching on!
Process animation
Add visualization in your company conveyor lines operation process.
Access tweak
Access to the counters for the accounting department engineers, access to the reports for the bookkeeping department.
Integration with other systems
Excel and CSV for the simple and fast tasks. For tasks that are more difficult, we have open API.
Operation via mobile communication
Overvis Connect plus sim-card with mobile Internet. Pump station far in the mountains can be closer.
10 minutes conection

Overvis Cloud platform is sold as a service: forget about technical details configuration and support, all necessary system components are already working on our servers. If our equipment delivers Modbus TCP protocol data, try to connect it here and now, it will take 10 minutes. Otherwise, necessary converters are easy to find.

Pay forwhat you need.
Nothing more.
€180 annual starting credit

We use innovative for industry SCADA approach - Overvis Cloud users pay only for the resources they are actually using. Detailed money outflow reports are available for the cost analysis, and estimated cost calculator will offer the best saving proposals. Overvis Cloud users are annually charged with €180 starting credit. This sum is enough for the small companies to use platform work for free.

Cloud technologies– simplify your work

In addition to the cost and configuration simplicity, cloud solutions are provided with the range of additional advantages:

  • fault and burglary resistance;
  • automatic data backup;
  • distributed objects control from one setup;
  • technical support 24x7.
Ready solutions,application samples

Overvis Cloud based on the open protocols, implemented by many equipment manufacturers. Thanks to this approach, our platform can be used in different industrial branches. To simplify some common tasks range, we present a line of solutions, based on Overvis Cloud.

Refrigeration equipment monitoring
Remote data acquisition from the refrigeration controllers regardless of their manufacturer.
Boiler-house equipment control
Solution for any type boilers fuel saving.
Street lightning controller
Net lightning voltage control boards.
Usage system
Universal solution for the electric, water, gas and steam meters information retrieval.
Pumping equipment control
Pumps operation dispatching through GSM channel. Shows tanks visual condition and motor operational parameters.
Motor control
Operation parameters control and protection of the motors of different modifications.
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