Overvis Cloud Dashboard

The multi-purpose industrial equipment dispatching office enables:
Receiving SMS and e-mail messages on troubles
Off-site device setting
Collecting detailed change history for operating conditions
Real-time visualization of the technological processes
Your business involves selling and maintenance of the industrial equipment?

Eager to learn how to become a prioritized supplier for your clients and to gain a competitive edge in your region?

Offer your client to connect his equipment to your dispatching office!

What are the advantages for you?..

1.Additional earnings
You earn not only from selling devices, but from dispatching control, maintenance service and repair as well.
4.Control over the human resources
You can trace your employees’ performance (for example, the troubleshooting time).
2.Accumulation of the “History”
You accumulate the client’s equipment operation “history” that allows you to perform analysis and to offer more efficient (energy-saving) solutions with calculation of the payback period.
5.Safety at work
There is no need to argue with the client anymore – all events are recorded and can be viewed post factum to determine the responsibility of the parties.
3.More free time
There is no need in visiting your client’s site to change the operation modes or to restart the equipment – this can be done remotely.
6.Constant contact with the client
The most important thing is than you gain a continuous stable contact with the client, which ensures his long-term commitment to your company.
The client receives a brand new level of servicing
  • The equipment operation is monitored 24/7
  • In the event of an emergency situation, personnel of your company and personnel of your client will immediately receive the alert
  • The client does not need to look for someone to eliminate the breakdown – your operator will call him and will agree the convenient time for the technician to come
  • The minimum accident management time The technician departs knowing exactly what has happened
  • The client doesn’t need to worry about the maintenance service – you will trace the terms for maintenance inception and offer the client to carry out the maintenance at a convenient time
  • The client has the opportunity to view and correct remotely the equipment operation modes (only for the parameters that have been agreed with you)
The most available solution for dispatching control

The technical part of the dispatching system is ready and available for work. There is no need for you to look for programmers and to pay salaries to system administrators. The cloud architecture of the Overvis Cloud Dashboard system minimizes your expenditures.

СSetting technician
The technician who will set up your equipment and who understands operation of the devices in the RS-485 Modbus network. If necessary we will conduct trainings for the personnel.
Monthly payment
Monthly payment for the used system resources (on actual basis). Use the price calculator to estimate the expenditures.
Communication equipment
Communication equipment for each connected location (up to 250 individual devices): Overvis Connect (€ 350).
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Dispatching control task
Process automation task
Project financing

Cloud architecture helps us to provide reliable service at the reasonable price. Clients do not have to bear costs for infrastructure support and to pay salary to the system administrators. We provide:
- regular data backup on the separate servers;
- load automatic balancing between the servers for better fail protection;
- minimal downtime if technical operations are required.

The connection between the controller and Overvis Cloud Dashboard server is password-protected (reading and recording). The data is stored on the file system encrypted with AES-256 algorithm. The backups are encrypted and are stored on the external servers. The connection between the user's browser and Overvis server is HTTPS- protected.

Free technical support is available via email or by phone number:
support@overvis.com (response within 48 hours)
+38 (048) 788-89-37 (from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Ukraine time)
+7 (812) 748-51-76 (from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Moscow time)
Moreover, Overvis Ice solution covers other Overvis technical support proposals.

Warranty on all Overvis devices makes up 3 years (does not apply to mechanical damage). Within the warranty period, we are ready both to replace the equipment and to reimburse the full cost of the equipment. If you experience any problems, please contact us by phone number:+38 (048) 788-89-37.

We perform the full cycle of development and production of the customized technical solutions. We design and assemble the necessary equipment, write software and integrate it into technical processes of the enterprise. For this purpose, we have a design office and an engineering department in Ukraine (Odessa), as well as plants that manufacture the devices in Ukraine and Russia.

The system can operate in the stand-alone mode by sending SMS-notifications on the events if and when they occur. Who will be the recipient of the notifications and how the response should be carried out is fully defined by the range of services that your render to the clients.

Yes. It is possible both to grant him rights to operate the equipment and to limit his rights to reviewing the current status and reports on the data collected.

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