Technical support and individual designs
Wide range of technical support services for the companies of any size.
Free technical support for the Overvis Cloud services or devices operation issues: (response within 48 hours)
+38 (048) 788-89-37(from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Ukraine time)
Corporative package

Overvis Customers, using annual technical support corporative package subscription, are free from Overvis equipment and dispatching services troubles. The package is designed for the medium and large businesses needs. Its price depend on particular company needs, but, in any case, includes, unlimited access to the priority technical support and our professionals supplementary services on phone or via email.

Additional advantages
Priority technical support 10х5 or 24х7
Unified annual updated contract
Company equipment operation periodic audit
Overvis personal embedded engineer
Additional warranty terms on equipment
Free two-days training for your technical personnel

To get more information, please contact us, by suitable contact phone number. Our managers will help you to choose the best package structure for your company.

Professional services that may be required

For the small companies or non-critical objects we advise to order one-time Overvis professionals work. Priority technical support is available by Overvis PBX. Our professional will help you to solve any problems relating to Overvis services or equipment operation, including:

  • Technical problems online solution.
  • Assistance in new objects connection.
  • Adding new devices support into the system.
  • Technology process individual visualization design
  • Personnel training to gain necessary technical skills for the future self-decisions.
Basic tariffs
Overvis technicians work across Ukraine and Russia:
by phone
(price may vary across Russia).Payment will be charged from your general Overvis account.
Additional services

Overvis additional services can be ordered by standard phone numbers

Private server and individual branding (White Label)

Private server in overvis cloud ensures your dispatching system operational stability and safety supplement guarantees.

Overvis servers owners receive full access to the resources and do not bear additional charges according to general charging.

  • One-time cost for the configuration and start up: €499
  • Daily payment: €39

By purchasing overvis private server, you receive industrial equipment reliable and secure dispatching, with no need for paying to the system administrating personnel and technology infrastructure support.

By purchasing Overvis private server, you receive industrial equipment reliable and secure dispatching, with no need for paying to the system administrating personnel and technology infrastructure support.
Objects consulting and audit

Our professionals and instrumentation engineers can perform your company objects full audit:

  • For the new objects we will form the best instrumentation installation and Overvis cloud services connection proposals.
  • For the operating objects we will offer maintenance cost-reducing or dispatching services quality improvement solutions.
  • Based on the analysis of data, collected by Overvis system, our engineers will form energy conservation or business process optimization proposals.

We provide personnel trainings on-site or in a conference call to train company personnel to gain necessary technical skills.

Available training options include:
  • One-day crash course
  • Three days course, including practical training and first Client’s object connection.
Individual designs

Overvis company provides full individual technical solutions design and production cycle according to the customers’ needs.

We design and assemble required equipment, develop software and integrate into the company technical process. To do this we have design office and engineering department in Ukraine (Odessa), as well as the plant for the devices production in Ukraine and Russia.

Devices warranty and maintenance
All Overvis equipment
is provided with 3 yearsmanufacturer warranty
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